Lyn Karnstedt - Technology - Stanford Who's Who Certified

Lyn Karnstedt - Technology - Stanford Who's Who Certified

Technology - Dell

Lyn is a Global CSMB Sales Training & APJ Delivery Director for Dell, an international provider of technology products and services, dedicated to helping people around the world achieve their dreams through the use of technology.

Earning her Bachelors Degree in Speech and Communication from the University of Illinois, Lyn continued to build more than two and a half decades of professional expertise, diversifying her skill-set to discover her niche in the Technology Industry.

Welcomed to Dell in the leadership capacity, Lyn is responsible for sales and training on a global scale, drawing on her innate interpersonal communication and academic foundation to delivery professional and innovative programs.


Professional Training and sales coaching for small to medium businesses

Sales and training

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Stanford Who’s Who welcomes Lyn Karnstedt to the ranks of leading professionals as a result of their phenomenal effort in the Technology industry.

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Upon acceptance into the Stanford Who's Who, Lyn Karnstedt was awarded a certificate of recognition to commemorate their achievment.

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